Beginner's Guide 2018 (Over 3500 Blogs Made!)

In this video, you'll learn how to create a complete WordPress website from scratch, Step-by-step, from start to finish. WordPress has thousands of themes you can choose from including a lot of high quality free themes. To install a new theme, click on the Appearance” tab on the left menu and then click Add New”. You can see how to make posts, add plugins, etc - it's the same software that you'd install on your own host.

I wrote this FREE guide to help anyone - from bloggers to business owners - make their own website without having to learn code. Today, we generate over $1000 and we've been able to build another blog from there and set up a digital marketing firm. If you recall from the section detailing each part of WordPress, Pages are used for timeless content such as your biography and contact information.

Ideal For Non tech savvy online entrepreneurs: Most of the products associated with WordPress, such as themes and plugins are fairly straightforward and intuitive to use. You will find your menu and blog column count options under Theme Options” tab and your color options will be under the Colors” tab.

Alright, now that you've got your plugins installed, let's move on to the final bit - widgets. Now, let's talk about some of the WordPress Plugins that every business website should use. The most amazing feature of WordPress theme is that you can customize and set up the website as per your requirements.

Changing your theme is the simplest way to customize your blog, but there are lots of of other customizations you can do. Check out my full post on customizing your blog for an in-depth step-by-step guide You can also watch the video at the end of this guide to see me completely customize a blog from free wordpress page builder scratch.

If you are using any other hosting, the check if they have integrated one-click WordPress installation first. When you choose a suitable theme, you can then preview it. If it is to your liking, simply add the themes to your site by clicking Install”, and then activating them.

Once you self hosting you can do it all yourself - add plugins, try to edit the HTML code, change themes, build your own theme, link up social media, anything really. The first step is to choose a domain name for your business website. Settings: Set up how your blog is read, how comments are posted, create your permalink structure (how your blog content URLs look), and more.

For beginners, basic shared server hosting plan with $3.95 is more than enough to start a WordPress blog. If you're in the Dashboard can also click on the Pages link in the Sidebar menu and choose the Add New page from there. Starting a WordPress blog as a hobby, part-time or full-time profession?

The Natural Lite theme will automatically detect which link has been added to the menu and apply the appropriate icon. Email marketing is too big a topic to cover well here, so I created a separate guide to email marketing for those who are interested (hint: every blogger who wants more readers needs to read this guide).

To change the theme go to Appearance > Themes > Add new, select the theme you like or search for the themes of your taste simply download and install it like you add themes in your smartphones. Blogs always evolve over time some of my first blogs didn't really stick to a small set of topics after a while but it's better to show expertise and experience in one area to begin with.

The website builders will give you most of the tools you need to build a functional website, including hosting services (so your site can be published online), content creation tools (ability to insert titles, text, graphics, slideshows, etc), and design templates.

I hope this guide has answered any questions you had on how to start a blog, but if any of the steps were unclear to you, you can find a more detailed version of each step by using the menu at the top right of this page (or at the bottom of this page if you're on a smartphone).

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