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Now, Americans are starting to follow in their footsteps, broadcasting themselves eating elaborate meals; American mukbangers are also attracting sizeable online audiences'”but of a notably different character. The only difference with this is that, in Korea, they're not masking a food obsession with acceptable primetime TV formats, but openly catering for a side of us that apparently really, really, wants to watch people chowing down. The trend expanded onto the South Korean streaming site AfreecaTV, where videos of so-called broadcast jockeys, or BJs, before a camera with a table full of indulgent foods became popular.

Isa sa Pinoy mukbangers mga taong gumagawa ng mukbang videos si Shena Rose Manuel na nakatira ngayon sa Shizuoka, Japan. In South Korea, mukbang is a way for broadcast jockeys” to directly connect with their viewers. Nakikibahagi na rin ang mga Pinoy sa internet trend kung saan ibino-broadcast at pinanonood sa social media ang pagkain ng iba't ibang putahe.

Some cultural critics believe that eating is one of our most unguarded and natural” behaviors, so there's a sense of greater personal connection when you're watching someone do it. Others think that it might satisfy a need for eating in the viewer, who maybe can't aspire to chow down fried food for a living.

Erik The Electric uses mukbangs to help with his eating issues. Most mukbang feasts are incredibly high-calorie — sometimes mukbang video creators consume more than 10,000 calories in a single video. Mukbang is not only a reference to an eating show” but it has become a significant avenue to study and share delicacies and rituals in the digital arena.

A former vegan, Nikocado intersperses truly disgusting videos of himself downing piles of noodles, pizza and other high-carb, high-fat dishes with personal vlogs where he cries into the camera about his health problems. He said: 'I hate when I'm watching a mukbang and the person is not enjoying their food.

The Mukbang trend opens up more possibilities for people to livestream a normal part of life and get paid for it. One of SouthKorea's famous mukbangers, Park Seo-yeon, admitted that she quitted her job and decided to do mukbang livestreams for a living It was not a bad idea after all, since she earns £5,600 per month from eating and talking in front of the camera.

Why millions of people watch videos of strangers eating huge amounts of food. Still considered #1 after all these years, Banzz's huge serving sizes during his mukbangs are unbeatable, especially considering his slim and muscular build. Although some have found Boston pizza success with using mukbangs to help with their disordered eating, the UK's leading eating disorder charity, Beat, advises those susceptible to such habits to watch the videos with caution.

I'm sure you've stumbled upon video clips on social media of people doing the spicy-noodle challenge” or the Hot Cheeto challenge.” Nowadays, unusual trends are starting to become the norm and one very interesting trend going on are mukbang. Content around street food” generated 735 million YouTube views and 333 million Facebook video views in Q1, with the trend continuing to rise on both platforms.

As food vlogger Gabie Kook told CNBC earlier this year , mukbangs can help people who want to eat less stick to smaller portions because they are so visually satiating. Research into mukbang videos suggests that their popularity may be due to the inherently social nature of meals in South Korea.

She tells NPR she won't stop until "Aebong-ee" is ranked No. 1 among the estimated 3,000 mukbang broadcast jockeys in South Korea. Mukbang videos simply follow one person as he or she consumes an entire (and often big) meal. Formerly a hardcore vegan, the lure of mukbang stardom was too much for him to resist and he abandoned his principles to overeat on camera.

As they live stream these videos over the Internet, they interact with their audience and provide a commentary on their dishes. In comments on the videos, fans confess to feeling full after watching. The recent rise in popularity of 'satisfying' videos where visceral acts like squishing slime, or mixing paint, seem to relax viewers, points to the same kind of virtual gratification.

Some of the most famous traditional Mukbang hosts include: BJ The Diva , Yang Soobin , BJ Fitness Fairy , Banzz (벤쯔) , BJ Hyo-Jjang , BJ Patoo I commonly refer to the term host” in this article, but the more popular term for Mukbang hosts in South Korea is broadcast jockey.” The "BJ" in front of some of the names of the famous Mukbang hosts I listed above, stands for Broadcast Jockey.

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